INTRODUCTION The Department of Educational and Distance Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Nairobi, Kenya, is inviting you to join us in a transformative journey in Online, Digital and Distance (ODDE) in a constantly evolving world. Online, Digital  and   Distance   Education   is   experiencing   more demand and uptake as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other aspects of technology mediated learning becomes more adaptive  and  useful  in our  ecosystem.   There  is  need  to adapt and adopt to the ever-increasing presence of AI and digital systems in the education ecosystem. As learning and virtual spaces change technology, and especially the use of AI helps provide personalized learning experiences to  students  from diverse backgrounds, learning patterns, subject interests, capabilities,  and many more. AI in educational systems also modify different education programs to enhance the quality and quantity of education and also act as a leader in online, digital and distance education. The Department of Educational and Distance Studies(DEDS) has been using distance and blended learning modes for the last over 40 years to offer courses at different levels to various clients in Kenya and beyond. To share their expertise and allow for knowledge exchange and sharing, the department will hold a Two-day blended conference on Online, Digital and Distance Education during the University of Nairobi Research week in October-November,2024. The International Conference organizers will use this platform to bring together the government, policy makers, industry, students, professionals, experts, academicians, scholars and other collaborators to discuss and deliberate on how to help foster strategies and integration frameworks in the complex digital learning ecosystem.   OBJECTIVES Conference Objectives

  1. 1. To provide a forum for Educators  and stakeholders  to  meet  and deliberate  on aspects of Online, Digital and distance Education approaches in the era of AI.
  2. 2. To bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Online, Digital, Blended and Distance learning.
  3. 3. To share  ideas   and  innovative  approaches   on  Online,  Digital  and  distance


  1. 4. To examine the role of AI in Online, Digital and distance Education
  2. 5. To share practical challenges  and opportunities  in the adaption and adoption of

Online, Digital and Distance learning.

  1. 6. To create a network of scholars from that will contribute and spearhead the process of policy formulation, guidelines and frameworks for integration of AI in Online, Digital, Blended and Distance

    CONFERENCE SUBTHEMES ODDE and emergence of generative AI technologies Innovations in ODeL Assessment ,Quality Assurance and Teaching Practice Promoting Digital and Distance learning future skills, Micro credentials and Lifelong learning Curriculum, Research ,Equity, Inclusion and Professional Development in ODDE Digital, Distance and Online education  planning, Movement and Practice trends Teaching Materials , Courseware Development and Leaner support for ODDE ODDE management, Teaching, Practice and Resources for ODDE Pedagogy, andragogy and flexible learning modes for future leaners Digital Literacy, Continuing education, social media, safety for ODDE, mobile learning, Remote Learning Cross-Cutting  issues   in ODDE; OERs,  Gender, Climate  Change,  AI  Literacy,  Digital Libraries, MOOCs, Online Learning Communities, Digitization   CALL FOR PAPERS   The conference welcomes original researches, case studies, poster presentations, workshops and dialogues papers in the field of Online, Digital, and Distance Education and other related fields. We will accept abstracts between 250-400 words. Full original paper submissions under 12,000 words, will be submitted as per the guidelines which will be provided after acceptance of abstract ABSTRACT SUBMISSION  GUIDELINES Original papers or ongoing researches are welcome. Collaboration among multiple authors, colleagues and other scholars is highly encouraged. Co-authored papers will be accepted with consent from both authors. It is the responsibility of the Lead Presenter to obtain the consent of fellow authors. All presentations must adhere to intellectual property rights legislation. University of Nairobi will not be responsible for infringements of intellectual property or plagiarism in any of the conference presentations.   Abstracts for paper presentations must include a description of each of the following: The research focus or problem The conceptual framework informing the research Research methods, including ethics Key insights or findings, and implications.   The Conference  focus is on the Theme  ‘RESHAPING  ONLINE,  DIGITAL AND DISTANCE  EDUCATION  IN  THE AGE  OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Conference Date. 28TH- 29TH October 2024. BLENDED CONFERENCE (Virtual and Face to Face)   IMPORTANT DATES

Call for papers 10/05/2024
Abstract submission 25/07/2024
Abstract acceptance 31/08/ 2024
Full paper submission 30/09/2024


Students: KSh 1000(USD 10)
UoN,Kenya Staff: KSh 2000(USD 20)
Other participants: KSh3000(USD30)

    For any further information about the conference, contact: Department of Educational and Distance Studies Tel. 0722974112/0721202685/0722 661299