Call for Papers

We are excited to announce the 5th Annual International Conference on Project Management,
hosted by the Department of Management Science and Project Planning within the Faculty of
Business and Management Sciences at the University of Nairobi. This significant event is
scheduled to take place during the University of Nairobi’s 2023 Research Week. The theme of
this year’s conference is Resilience and Sustainability in Project Management. The
conference will explore into emerging research and technologies that significantly impact project
management, contributing to both scientific advancements resilience and sustainable practices in
various communities.
This year’s conference provides a platform for experts from diverse disciplines to share insights,
best practices, and the latest advancements in project planning, design, and implementation,
Monitoring and evaluation, Project financing, Project management information systems and
emerging issues in the field of project management, community resilience and sustainable
development. Distinguished speakers will be drawn from a diverse spectrum of expertise,
spanning higher education institutions, construction, transportation, social development,
education, healthcare, engineering, anthropology, sociology, environment, economics,
management, information communication technology, and various other fields. The conference
aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas and expertise, and offers a unique opportunity for
professionals, scholars, and visionaries to come together and contribute to the advancement of
transformative project and management. We invite you to join us in this collaborative endeavor,
as we collectively strive for excellence in project management and work towards a more resilient
and sustainable future. Your participation is welcome in shaping the discourse and outcomes of
this impactful conference.


The primary objective of the conference is to offer researchers, postgraduate students,
practitioners, experts from various fields, as well as individuals and representatives from
universities and organizations, a platform to present and exhibit their research achievements,
innovations, proposal, ideas that have worked. Specifically, the conference aims to:

  1. Unveil impactful research globally, fostering awareness and recognition in the
    academic and professional communities, while highlighting contributions from
    universities, organizations, and individuals.
  2. Provide a vibrant platform for participants to learn from distinguished experts,
    enhancing their understanding of contemporary project management issues and
    catalyzing collaborative discussions.
  3. Cultivate meaningful networking opportunities that spark productive collaborations
    among diverse participants, facilitating partnerships aimed at propelling the
    advancement of project management initiatives.
  4. Build bridges between theory and practice, across disciplines and professions 

CONFERENCE THEME: Resilience and Sustainability in Project Management.

CONFERENCE SUB-THEMES: The conference invites the submission and presentation of innovative and influential papers
addressing the following themes
Project Design, Planning and Implementation

  1. Innovative Teaching and Learning Approaches in Project Management 
  2. Projectification In Private and Public Sector Operation 
  3. The Fuzzy Front End of High Impact and Innovative Projects
  4. Soft and Life Skills in Project Management 
  5. Project Portfolio Management in the 21st Century
  6. Change Management in Project Management 
  7. Managing Teams and Stakeholders for Project performance and Sustainability
  8. Managing Projects in Uncertain Environments
  9. Value Chain Management in Projects for Resilience and Sustainability 
  10. Collaborations, Partnerships and Linkages for Project Sustainability
  11. Supply Chain Management in Projects for Project Performance and Sustainability 

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Innovative Project Monitoring and Evaluation Methods
  2. Project Evaluation, Politics and Sustainability 
  3. Data Analytics for Project Resilience and Sustainability
  4. Impact Assessment for Sustainable Projects
  5. Emerging Innovative Tools and approaches in PME

Project Financing

  1. Green Financing for Sustainable Development
  2. Sustainable and Responsible Financing
  3. Resource Mobilization for resilience and sustainable development

Project Management Information Systems

  1. Emerging Technology for Project Resilience and Sustainability 
  2. Leveraging Project Management Information Systems for Resilient and Sustainable Projects

Cross cutting Issues

  1. The future state of project management 
  2. Managing projects in pandemic and disaster situations.  
  3. Mainstreaming Gender, Rights-Based Approaches and Equity in Projects
  4. Sustainable Development of Projects in the 21st Century
  5. Conflicts in Project Management
  6. Cultural and Ethical issues in Project Management
  7. Alternatives to projects 
  8. Projects in traditional societies 


The conference extends invitation for papers within the field of Project Management. Abstracts with a word count ranging from 250 to 400 words are welcome. Upon abstract acceptance, you will be asked to submit a comprehensive full paper, not exceeding 12,000 words


We welcome both empirical and theoretical academic papers, fostering strong collaboration among numerous authors, colleagues, and scholarly peers. We highly endorse co-authored papers, provided that consent is secured from all authors involved. Responsibility rests with the Lead author to obtain requisite co-author consents. All presentations are expected to uphold intellectual property rights legislation. It is emphasized that the University of Nairobi assumes no responsibility for infringements of intellectual property or instances of plagiarism in any conference presentations.

Abstracts for conference presentation must include a description of each of the following:

  1. The research focus or problem
  2. Novel contribution to the ongoing debate on the theme
  3. The theoretical framework informing the research
  4. Research methodology, including ethics
  5. Key insights or findings, and implications
  6. Conclusions and Recommendations 
  7. Suggestions for further studies 

Abstracts and full papers to be submitted via email to the conference secretariat at


The conference will be conducted using a blended approach, combining both physical and online
modes. Registered virtual conference participants will receive a link for access. The conference
proceedings will comprise of presentations and panel discussions.
We as also welcome TED talks, fishbowl and posters.


Call for Papers – Abstracts8th August 2023
 Deadline for submission of Abstracts20th September 2023
 Deadline for submission of Full papers 10th October 2023
 Conference Dates24th and 25th October 2023


Students KShs. 500.00/ USD 3.52
UoN StaffKShs. 1,500.00/USD 10.57
East African Citizens KShs. 2,000.00/ USD 14.09
All other participants KShs. 3,000.00/USD 21.13

For any further information contact:
Department of Management Science and Project Planning
Chairman’s office: 020 4919013
Dr Reuben Kikwatha
Contact +254 721443860

Dr Mary Mwenda
Contact: +254 721 582886

Issa Shamir
Contact: +254 724 265145

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