THEME:  Harnessing Research to Shape the Future of Management for Sustainability of Communities.


  1. Governance and Policy Research for Sustainability of Communities.
  2. Marketing Research for Sustainability of Communities. 
  3. Innovation and Disruption: Strategies for Successful Sustainability of Communities
  4. The Future of Work: Adopting to a changing Landscape for Sustainability of Communities.

Conference Aims and Objectives

While the researchers and policymaking communities are often siloed, we must continue to work toward breaking down these silos. Evidence has shown that there are opportunities to bridge these divides and learn from these experiences through accelerating the integration of research into the policymaking agenda. In order to facilitate this integration, in October 2023, The Department of Business Administration (DBA) will host the 8th Virtual DBA-Africa Management Review (DBA-AMR) Conference aiming to bring together academic scientists; leading researchers and research scholars; policymakers; and government and industry representatives to discuss how to  fully harness research in shaping the future of management for sustainability of communities. The aim of the conference is to enable inclusive problem solving that brings together researchers and theorist from different business and management disciplines with public policy specialists and the many stakeholder communities in redouble policy efforts guided by evidence  as a real change mover in strengthening  the research-policy interface.

Benefits to participants

  1. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with academicians, researchers and practitioners in Business Management and Administration.
  2. Paper presenters will get an opportunity to present their study findings and get useful feedback from the participants.
  3. All participants will get a certificate of participation.


  • Conference abstracts to be published as a special edition of the “Book of Abstracts”.
  • Selected papers will be invited to publish in the DBA- Africa Management Review Journal Special Conference Edition (ISSN: 2224-2023).


Paper presenters should submit abstracts of not more than 300 words to: dbamr­ or Prof. Kennedy Ogollah email:


  1. All papers be submitted in .doc or .docx format (such as Microsoft Word). We will not accept PDF submission.
  2. During the conference proceeding, the listed approaches will be acceptable; research papers, presentations, TED talks, fishbowls, and any other creative/innovative methods of sharing ideas.
  3. Full paper articles should be approximately 7,000-8,000 words in length and should not exceed 10 pages. While we understand some papers must be longer, if a paper (except for data and instructions) is longer than the aforementioned length it may be rejected without review.


Abstract submission deadline:26th August, 2023
Notification of Abstract acceptance                   5th  September, 2023
Full paper submission                                             20th September, 2023
Notification of Full paper acceptance           30th  September, 2023
Registration Presenters                                               1st July, 2023 – 30th September, 2023
Registration Non Presenters                                       1st July, 2023 – 14th October, 2023 

Conference Registration Fee

University of Nairobi undergraduate students 
University of Nairobi postgraduate students         Kshs 1,000
University of Nairobi Staff                                   Kshs 1,000
Participants from East Africa                               Kshs 3,000
Other participantsKsha 5,000 or USD 50

Conference Coordination:

Prof. Kennedy Ogollah:

M/s Tabitha Gichanga: