The University of Nairobi, through the Department of Educational Management, Policy, and Curriculum Studies, will hold the 1st International Annual Conference on Educational Management, Policy, and Curriculum Studies during the University of Nairobi Research Week 2023.

This conference will bring together experts to share best practices and the latest developments in the fields of education management, policy, curriculum studies, education in emergencies, and other education development game-changers in cross-cutting thematic areas. Speakers from all fields are invited to share their experiences, which propel efforts towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The conference will comprise presentations and panel discussions, which will provide participants with the opportunity to interact with eminent scholars, private sector practitioners, industry, policymakers, opinion leaders, representatives from the diplomatic corps, National and county governments, as well as international partners.

Call for Papers

The conference welcomes papers in the fields of educational management, policy, curriculum studies, education in emergencies, corporate governance, and economics of education.

We will accept abstracts that are between 250 and 300 words.

Full paper submissions under 12,000 words and original will be submitted as per the guidelines, which will be provided after acceptance of an abstract.

Abstracts and Paper Submission Guidelines

We welcome research papers in educational management, policy, curriculum studies, education in emergencies, corporate governance, and the economics of education. Collaboration among multiple authors, colleagues, and other scholars is highly encouraged; co-authored papers will be accepted with consent from all authors. It is the responsibility of the Lead Presenter to obtain the consent of fellow authors. All presentations must adhere to intellectual property rights legislation. The University of Nairobi will not be responsible for infringements of intellectual property or plagiarism in any of the conference presentations.

Abstracts for the conference presentation must include a description of each of the following:

  • The research focus or problem
  • The theoretical framework informing the research.
  • Research methodology, including ethics.
  • Key insights or findings and implications

Conference papers will be presented on PowerPoint.

You are welcome to disseminate this call for papers through your professional networks.
We look forward to engaging with you at the conference

Presentation Formats

Paper presentations (15 minutes per paper)

The Objectives of the Conference

The main objective of the conference will be to provide researchers, postgraduate students, and practitioners from universities, organizations, individuals, and other experts with an opportunity to showcase their research output. Specifically, the conference will provide

  1. An opportunity through which new research findings and products will be released in the global market.
  2. An opportunity through which participants will learn from world-renowned experts and researchers on issues related to education and research for the Resilience and Sustainability of Communities
  3. A forum for stakeholders, both international and local, to deliberate and share information and ideas on education Research for the Resilience and Sustainability of Communities
  4. A platform through which Universities, organizations, and individual participants will increase their visibility. 
  5. An opportunity for networking and collaboration

“AICEMPSC Theme: “Harnessing Research for Resilience and Sustainability of Communities through Educational Management, Policy, and Curriculum Innovations


  1. Managing education in emergency environments  
  2. Safety and health in the learning environment  
  3. Equity, Diversity, inclusion and Decolonization of  education for sustainable communities 
  4. Curriculum reform for resilience and  sustainability of communities
  5. Data management systems for sustainable  development  
  6. Monitoring educational competencies, quality, and standards
  7. Waste management in educational institutions            
  8. Human capital and sustainable development 
  9. Education financing and resource mobilization for sustainable development
  10. Research for sustainable development and resilient learning communities 
  11. Ethical leadership and academic excellence  for  societal transformation
  12. Corporate governance, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) and corporatization of educational organizations for efficiency
  13. The millennials, hybridisation and managing a highly digitised education system 
  14. Climate change adaptation education for resilience and sustainable communities

Conference Venue: University of Nairobi Towers-Main Campus (Blended)

Important Dates:

Call for Abstracts 5th August 2023
Deadline for submission of Abstracts30th August 2023
Deadline for submission of full Papers30th September 2023
Deadline for Conference registration:15th October 2023
Conference dateOctober 24th and 26th, 2023


 CategoryKenya Shillings USD
Paper Presentation5003.5
Other Participants (Non-Citizens) 250025

For any further information, contact

Prof. Dorothy Kyalo

Chairman AICEMPCS  

: +254722821341



Professor Ibrahim Khatete

  Deputy Chairman AICEMPCS 

Phone: 0722352957