Conference Concept

The interplay between law and sustainability lies at the heart of building resilient communities for a sustainable future. The complexities and multifaceted nature of sustainability challenges require innovative legal frameworks, policies, and approaches to navigate the intricate web of social, economic, and environmental issues. Accordingly, as scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers, it is important to explore the critical role of law in shaping the resilience and sustainability of our communities. This exploration will assist in identifying innovative solutions that help communities navigate the challenges they face and develop policies and strategies that promote their resilience and sustainability. These approaches should be community-driven, evidence-based practices, and transformative initiatives that assist communities. Moreover, developing solutions that promote resilience and sustainability requires interdisciplinary intersections between various disciplines social sciences, environmental studies, technology, economics, law, and many other fields.

Considering the importance of fostering resilient communities’ sustainable solutions to the challenges we face, the Faculty of Law, University of Nairobi as part of the 2023 University Research Week will host a conference under the theme of ‘Law and Sustainability: Navigating Challenges and Fostering Resilient Communities’ OR ‘Resilience, Rights, and Innovation: Exploring Legal Frontiers for Sustainable Development”. The faculty invites abstracts for paper presentation during the conference.

The papers may address the issue of sustainability and resilience of communities under the following sub-themes. The list is not exhaustive and submissions on additional topics will be considered:

  1. Environmental Law and Sustainability
  2. Climate Change Law and Adaptation
  3. Human Rights and Social Justice
  4. Technology, Innovation, and Law
  5. Law and Economic Resilience
  6. Governance and Rule of Law
  7. International Law, Regional Law and Sustainable Communities

Conference theme: ‘Law and Sustainability: Navigating Challenges and Fostering Resilient Communities’

Submission Guidelines

Authors are invited to submit abstracts of no more than 300 words, clearly indicating the sub-theme their paper aligns with.

Abstracts should include the title, author(s) name and affiliation(s), and the email address of the author(s); if more than one author, please indicate the presenting author.

Abstracts for paper presentations should be submitted to the conference organizing committee through the email ‘’ by 30 July 2023.

Structure of the conference

The conference will be mostly virtual, with some sessions being offered using a blended physical and virtual format. The first session of the conference will be a keynote address on the theme of the conference in a plenary session attended by all participants. Thereafter, there will be various streams where paper presentations organized around different sub-themes will be made in a panel format. Participants will be placed in appropriate streams and panels, depending on the topic and sub-theme of their papers.


Abstracts submission deadline30 July 2023
Accepted Abstracts notification20 August 2023.
Draft papers should be submitted9 October 2023.
Conference registration Deadline9 October 2023
Conference Dates24-25 October 2023.


Registration to the conference is free of charge, and advance registration is encouraged.

Note that the conference will be accepting submissions from all parts of the globe.