Hanne Wahlberg has worked as a prison officer in the Norwegian Correctional Services for 33 years. She has worked 11 year in high security prison with male inmates and 20 years in low security prison with female inmates. With her 33 years from the practitioner field, she speaks with great credibility about how to combine safety and rehabilitation in the best possible way. She will also share her experience on electronic monitoring, a sentence served outside the prison establishment.

She currently works as a prison officer in Berg Prison just outside T√łnsberg. This is a prison for male inmates. Berg prison served as a concentration camp that served as an internment and transit centre for political prisoners and jews during the NAZI occupation of Norway. Wahlberg has also participated in voluntary work both in the educational system and she has also been a shop steward in the Norwegian Prison and Probation Officers’ Union (NFF) which is the largest union for employees within the correctional services in Norway