Prof.Jerono Rotich


Prof. Rotich is a tenured full professor and the Department Chair ofKinesiology and Recreation Administration at North Carolina Central University, Durham, North Carolina, USA. She oversees three Bachelor of Science degree programs (Kinesiology, Sports Medicine and Recreation Administration) with eight different concentrations and Three Masters of Science degree programs (Sports and Athletic Management, Kinesiology, Recreation Administration and Recreation Therapy.

Prof. Rotich continues to serve as a Research Fellows at Center for New North Carolinians at University of North Carolina. She is the CEO and Founder WOYO (Women & Youth) Global Diversity Consulting and JVV Wellness and Safety LLC and Founder and President of Kenya Students in Diaspora. She is a dedicated servant leader, educator, scholar, change agent, motivational speaker, and women, youth and peace champion who is committed to excellence, community engagement and international collaborations. She currently serves the President of the Kenya Scholars and Studies Association, Deputy Director of the Kenyan Christian Fellowship (KCFA) Promise generation; Board member for the African women leadership program, Chair of Oversight and Compliance for Gottabgaa International as well as aPanel of Experts for Kass FM weekly international radio and television programs, among many others. Prof. Rotich has servedas a Guilford County Commissioner on the Status of Women.

She has been invited to make presentations and to serve as a keynote speaker in several conferences

at local, state, national and international level. Most recently, she was invited to:

  1. Give a presentation at the 4th UNESCO Collective Consultation Meeting on the Safeguarding

and Promotion of Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) Istanbul – Turkey;

  • Attend and serve as USA delegate on the World Forum for Reviving Traditional Sports inAntalya Turkey;
  • Attend the 2018 Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) in Uganda;
  • Serve as a keynote speaker during the 2017 Educational Research and Publications

Associations International Congresses on Education, Budapest, Hungary among others