Prof. Stefan Ouma

Prof. Stefan Ouma has Since 01 March 2019 been the Chair of Economic Geography at the Department of Geography at the University of Bayreuth. Before that he worked as Doc and Post-Doc at Goethe-University, Frankfurt. He is a member of the Editorial Collective of Antipode and also part of the Advisory Board of Critical African Studies and Environment and Planning A.

His research interest is in socio-theoretically and empirically informed economic geographic globalization and development research, which is primarily based on insights from socio-economic, political-economic, political-ecological and practical-theoretical research approaches. Prof. Stefan Ouma has his overarching research concern as rematerialize the economy in times of seemingly unlimited economic relationships and thus opening it up for political debates about the sustainable design of the society-economy-nature nexus from a spatial perspective

Prof. Ouma’scurrent research is on the political economy and ecology of global supply chains, the financialization of land and agriculture, the digital transformation of labor, and on “African Futures”. His research  experience is in both the Global South (West and East Africa) and the Global North (Germany, New Zealand) and cultivate a global-relational perspective on geographically uneven development processes. To facilitate his research, he has adopted the theoretical orientations of Heterodox Economic Approaches, Political Ecology, De- and Postcolonial Approaches with methods along Qualitative-reconstructive methods, critical ethnography, mixed methods design and critical statistics.