Professor Sarah A. Simons

Professor Sarah is one of the Vice-Presidents of the World Society of Victimology. She is a Kenyan Forensic Victimologist consistently evidencing commitment to nurturing formulation of home-grown and culturally relevant victim and survivor assistance programs in Africa. This focus on raising a new generation of competent Victimologists, Criminologists and community leaders is a culmination of over forty years of university academic, administrative and research work on four continents. Professional engagements as part of expert teams has included breaking new ground to sow academic seeds in Social Science disciplines relatively new to the Eastern Africa region such as include Forensic Psychology and Victimology, Victimology, Forensic Criminology and Family Medicine. Specific expertise in strengthening capacity of law enforcement, judiciary and civil society actors to combat international and organised crimes, designing victim assistance strategies, translating global security challenges into deliverables at national, regional and international levels has made Sarah an asset to various stakeholders. Prof Sarah’s MPhil thesis entitled Analysis of Maritime Piracy in Eastern Africa between 2000 and 2010 and its impact on Seafarers Occupational Risk Perception provided Victim Impact Assessment of piracy on ship crewing profession.